“As a speaker, my goal is to enhance your knowledge and success”


Jacqueline is a dynamic speaker with an incredible ability to educate, motivate, and move you or your organization into action. Her experiences both in life and business have given her a unique advantage that enables her to inspire and interact with a variety of audiences. She understands what issues individuals, business teams, and leaders are struggling with and can create ‘Real World’solutions.

Business Seminars & Workshops

Successful individuals and organizations have a ‘core.’ The fundamental principles that drive outcomes in a ‘Highly Effective Ethical Manner’ that creates Value, Stability, and Sustainability.

Dr. Lang is an expert speaker on leadership, developing teams and individual employee success, and organizational transition. Her motivational talks can help organizations, leaders, and individuals manifest the needed change that will bring about success, productivity, energy, and happiness!

With high-level work experience in several industries including manufacturing, service industries, academics, and military, Dr. Lang is uniquely qualified to inspire individuals at all levels of an organization, in any industry. Along with her education: Ph.D. in Organization and Management, MBA, M.S.Ed and a Masters of Public Administration, her topics will captivate any audience.

“I understand what issues individuals, business teams, and leaders are struggling with and can create real-world solutions.” Dr. Jacqueline Lang

Dr. Lang is a dynamic speaker with an incredible ability to train, motivate, educate, and move you or your organization into action.

Speaking Topics

Invest in Life, Now! Dreams Realized — Guaranteed

You’re supposed to have it all figured out by the time you’re in your 30s or 40s. Or so your younger self thought, or hoped. And maybe you have, and maybe you haven’t. But either way, you need to ask yourself how to keep growing, how to set goals for what’s next.
Are you living a passionate life doing what you’re passionate about?
Are your dreams realized?
Are you too scared to even take inventory?
Stuck in a rut?
Striving to create balance among all your responsibilities?

You don’t have to get mired down in the daily chores and expectations of your life. You don’t have to fear transformation at any stage of your life. There is a way to realize your dreams. The time is now. Yes, right now.

Dr. Lang’s experiences, both in life and business, have given her a unique advantage that enables her to inspire and create real-world solutions to help audiences create unlimited success. Her talks are not so much listened to as experienced. Once you experience Dr. Lang’s motivational presentation, you will feel compelled to make the necessary changes in your life that will enable you to live fearlessly and realize your dreams!!!

You will have no choice but to live your best life.

Speaking Topics

New Beginnings and Transformations: Life!

Starting out?
Moving out?
Moving on?
Whether it’s college, work, marriage or life as young adult, new beginnings present exceptional and unique challenges. Making decisions on your own (sometimes for the first time) that can affect your future, or charting a course for your future, can be daunting and overwhelming. The good news … you don’t have to figure it out all at once!

You only have to focus on what makes you excited and happy and motivated at this time in your life, says Dr. Jacqueline Lang.

Dr. Lang will inspire and educate young audiences to take the steps that will enable them to realize their dreams – to move from ordinary and simple lives to extraordinary and full lives. Her talks are grounded in her experiences, education, and irrepressible spirit. From a troubled and dysfunctional childhood, to a very painful teen and young adult life, and a mess of a marriage, Dr. Lang was able to carve out a bold, fulfilling, and successful life for herself.
As a result, she can relate to the fears and issues of young audiences, and help them create daring, rewarding, and empowering lives for themselves.

“It starts with showing up and being present. Being aware of your strengths, weaknesses, desires and fears. It’s within your power, and I can help you tap into that power and live fearlessly and fully.” Dr. Jacqueline Lang

Speaking Topics

“You were truly inspiration to the women and an example for them to follow. I appreciate the time you took to come to this event and make a difference in the women’s lives” Women at the Well
“I thoroughly enjoyed Jackie’s presentation to our Soroptimist club. She was witty, engaging, energetic and inspiring. I’d love to hear her speak again someday.”

All presentations and titles will be tailored specifically to your event needs or conference themes and are designed to be between 30 and 60 minutes long. Workshops, training, and keynotes take participants on a journey, weaving together life, careers, politics, theory and current events. Jacqueline is available to speak at length with the meeting planner and several of the organization’s members to further customize her presentation.

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