Speaking Topics

Speaking Topics
Dr. Jacqueline Lang

Yes, every part of my programs and speeches can vary in levels of interaction, time, and the topics.

Success depends on seeing the world through fresh eyes and thoughts that allow for constant learning and living in a rapidly changing world.


Business Seminars & Workshops
  • Stand Up And Lead
  • Achievements for career advancement
  • Strategic Hiring – Hiring for now & the future
  • Human Resources – variety of topics
  • Generational Issues in the ‘The Work Place’
  • Today’s Associates into tomorrow’s Leaders
  • Planning for the future – Succession planning
  • Learning success From the Best; Mentoring for personal and business success


Invest in Life, Now! Dreams Realized — Guaranteed
  • Energize Yourself
  • Step Out Of Your Comfort Zone
  • Reset
  • It’s About Choices not ‘Having It All’
  • Achieving Excellence in Challenging Times
  • Talking about taking 100% responsibility for the interpretations they place in situations, in life and other people’s reaction
  • “The pursuit of happiness”
  • Gender issues in politics


New Beginnings and Transformations: Life!
  • Front-Row Seat in Life!
  • The Meaning of Everyday Actions
  • Unwritten Rules Of Success
  • Managing Change with a Positive Mindset
  • Don’t Pick the Wrong Dreams!
  • Inspiring Yourself and Others to New Heights


All presentations and titles will be tailored specifically to your event needs or conference themes and are designed to be between 30 and 60 minutes long. Workshops, trainings, and keynotes take participants on a journey, weaving together life, careers, politics, theory and current events. Jacqueline is available to speak at length with the meeting planner and several of the organization’s members to further customize her presentation.